Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of owning an apartment in France. When I was finally ready to make that dream reality, I chose Dijon. In May of 2021 after many unsuccessful attempts of trying to locate a Dijon realtor who was willing to work with me, I was connected with JFS. Cecil was immediately available to learn about me, and what my husband and I wanted in a French apartment. Though his focus area was Paris and Provence, he was willing to take on my project.
Shortly after, Carole and Cecil carefully interviewed and vetted Dijon realtors finding us a perfect match and I was on my way. I located our perfect apartment on my first visit. We settled virtually exactly 8 months to the date of reaching out to JFS, and I had les clés in my hands on my next visit.

Often, Cecil would tell me in his calm Zen voice that it will all work out, and I would say – I’m glad you’re calm and so positive Cecil! Buying a property in another country is not an easy undertaking especially when you think of all the moving parts beyond finding the right place.
Carole and Cecil were always available, responsive, kind, thorough, knowledgeable, and just salt of the earth type of people. I completely trust them and absolutely made the right decision working with them.
Having accomplished this goal at this point in my life was a very exciting, scary, and humbling learning experience, all wrapped up into one beautiful package with JFS being the perfect ribbon holding it all together. This dream would not have happened as smoothly as it did without the expertise, dedication and work of Cecil and Carole.

Dijon, France
April 4, 2022

Marina Baginsky Lowe recommends Just France Sales: "I cannot recommend Just France Sales highly enough! Cecil and Carole helped navigate what could have been a complicated process. Instead, it was enjoyable and exciting. Cecil is professional, knowledgeable and anticipated our every question even before we posed it. He most definitely had our best interests at heart. We considered several agencies before deciding on Just France Sales. Looking back, I am certain we made the right choice. Carole is lovely, helpful and a wonderful, on the ground addition to Cecil's team. Thanks for making our Paris dream come true!"

Marina Baginsky
January 15, 2019

In 2017, I purchased a beautiful home in Provence through Just France Sales.  Cecil Jones was
extremely helpful throughout the entire process, patiently explaining the details of a real estate
transaction in France and assisting me every step of the way.  Among other things, he connected
me with an English speaking notaire, arranged for property insurance, helped me set up a French
bank account, assisted with translation and answered my many questions.  The entire process
was smooth and easy.  I would highly recommend Cecil and Just France Sales to anyone
purchasing real estate in France.

Denver, CO
November 6, 2018

Five stars!! We had an excellent experience working with Just France Sales. I have rarely experienced such a high level of professionalism, content knowledge, and courtesy in any of my business dealings. Cecil took care of all the preliminary communication and answered all of our questions so patiently and completely. When we were apartment shopping in Paris, we couldn’t have asked for a more kind, capable, or knowledgeable representative than Carol. She knew all of the criteria on our wish list and was so efficient in showing us around. We saw more places in one day than I could have imagined. Both Cecil and Carol are a genuine pleasure to work with. I highly recommend JFS to anyone seeking their Paris dream apartment.

Vince S.
Provo, Utah
September 20, 2018

Buying, selling or renting real estate in France can be confusing and frustrating for Americans and others who are not familiar with the French way. It isn’t just that the laws are different, although they are. It’s the cultural differences that can create stress and confusion. It is often difficult to know whether something that comes up in a French real estate transaction is a real problem, or simply another unfamiliar bureaucratic hoop to jump through.

In selling our Paris apartment, Just France Sales and Cecil Jones cut through all of that and navigated us through the process with a minimum of stress. Cecil’s understanding of the French real estate market, and his ability to explain it to us in a way that kept us moving forward were invaluable. Anyone not highly familiar with the French way or the French real estate market, not just Americans, should contact Cecil and Just France Sales if they want to make their life easier and their transaction smoother.

Philip R.
Chicago, Illinois
September 2, 2018

All Stars for Just France! Not only are Cecil, Carole and staff efficient and committed to finding the perfect properties, they are masters at artfully guiding a limited French speaker through the entire, important process. They listened carefully to my wish list, and answer every question, with patience and detail. I highly recommend Just France!

Katy B.
Atlanta, Georgia
August 20, 2018

I highly, highly recommend the services of Cecil Jones and Carol Hillman, the main members of
the team at Just France Sales (JFS). Our quest for a home in Paris, small enough that it would
not require a lot of maintenance, but large enough to accommodate us comfortably, started in
January 2015. Cecil and Carole were very patient with us as we navigated the complex process
of determining location and expectations. It is fair to say we had very high expectations and
were very picky about details including layout, size, location, and type of building. Coming
from California where the housing market can be equally expensive, we were quite realistic
about the price, although it inched up as we increased our expectations of the ideal apartment.
There were some setbacks when sellers changed their minds about selling their apartments, just
as we placed an offer. We travelled back and forth over a half dozen times to look at the
possibilities on the market, particularly when the JFS team identified an ideal apartment. On one
occasion we even placed an offer to buy an unseen apartment, recommended by the JFS team,
because we had such a high level of trust in their judgment and their understanding of what
would meet our expectations. Of course, it all worked out. We have a GREAT apartment in the
7ème arrondissement, and feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to live, work, and play in

Nicole W.
January 31, 2018

My wife and I purchased a one bedroom apartment in Paris in May 2017 from Just France Sales and we couldn't be happier. While we had always wanted to do this, we really weren't sure we could do it. A friend introduced us to Cecil Jones in Philadelphia. After Cecil interviewed us to see what we wanted, we flew to Paris where we met the charming and energetic Carol Hillman in Paris. She took us to about 10 available apartments and we had just about given up, when she found the perfect one for us. The Just France Sales team made the entire experience easy and fun, and we've become good friends in the process. We highly recommend their team.

Peter H.
Atlanta, Georgia
September 3, 2017