Title Tailored searches for Paris luxury apartments and country homes
  • French properties for sale
    Since 2001 Just France Sales and its real estate partners have been providing tailored searches for Paris luxury apartments and exceptional properties in Provence. Whether your dream is to buy an apartment in Paris or to buy a renovated farmhouse in Provence, French real estate is a smart investment that combines lifestyle and sound financial planning.
  • Advisory Services on Acquiring a Property in France

    General consultation and specific advice on buying a property in France are available through Just France Sales. Our Advisory Services range from consultation on the initial search process through final acquisition. Before signing a single piece of paper a buyer of French property should be knowledgeable about the buying process, current price trends, and ownership, tax and inheritance issues.
  • Finding an Apartment to Buy in Paris

    Apartments for sale in Paris are not all created equal. If your goal is to find an apartment to buy in Paris, our Paris property search services take you through the buying process from inception to acquisition. Just France Sales optimizes your chances of acquiring the ideal Paris apartment at the correct price
  • Paris: The Search for Classic Style and Contemporary Comforts

    Contrary to what you might expect in Paris real estate, tastefully renovated and updated apartments available for sale in Paris are few and far between. Many are offered only privately. Only a bilingual professional search service with long-standing contacts in Paris real estate market can make these hard-to-find apartments available to you.
  • Owning Property in France Is Owning a Piece of History

    When you buy a farmhouse in the bucolic French countryside, you also acquire a piece of history. And you are able to lead la vie française - to truly participate in French culture, thereby opening up avenues to a fuller life experience and realization of one's inner self.
  • Investing in Paris Real Estate

    Acquiring real estate in Paris offers a stable investment with a proven track record of a steady increase in value. Well-located Paris apartments available for sale but in need of renovation are especially good investments. There are no restrictions on foreigners purchasing a property in France.
  • Paris Real Estate 2024

    2024 is a good year to enter the Paris real estate market, especially to buy a well-located apartment in Paris with classic architectural features. Prices are rising slowly but steadily, buyers have more leverage, mortgage rates are low and the US dollar is almost at parity with the euro. Investing in a Paris apartment has clear financial and lifestyle advantages.

Providing targeted searches and consultation services for buyers and sellers of apartments in Paris and fine properties in Provence and Southwest France

Briefly stated, since 2002 that has been Just France Sales’ mission for buyers seeking to acquire a property in Paris or Provence, and for owners of property in France trying to reach an international market of English-speaking buyers.

Buyers. Working through our extensive network of luxury real estate partners in Paris, our bilingual search team assists buyers in identifying and acquiring the ideal Paris residential or investment property, whether it be a cozy pied-à- terre or a newly renovated apartment with aview of the Seine.

Just France Sales also undertakes targeted searches for Provence, in particular for buyers seeking a beautifully renovated bastide or farmhouse in the Luberon, Alpilles or Dentelles de Montmirail regions.

Sellers. If you are selling a property in France, we can increase the exposure of your centrally located Paris apartment or your lovely property in Provence by making it available to Anglophone buyers the world over. We also welcome inquiries from owners in Southwest France.

Our team understands not only the mechanics but also the spirit of owning a property in France. We know that lifestyle aspirations – the dream of owning an apartment in Paris or a vacation home in the French countryside – must go hand in hand with correct legal procedure and sound financial and estate planning.

Advisory services. Just France Sales can assist you from start to finish when you buy or sell a property in France. From the targeted property search through the final signing of a sales contract, we offer advice and consultation on legal, tax, financial and aesthetic considerations pertaining to the purchase of a property in France.

France is like a multi-faceted jewel, celebrated through the ages for its extraordinary natural beauty, deeply rooted intellectual tradition, refined lifestyle and Enlightenment values. Chances are you wouldn’t be looking on this page if you hadn’t already fallen in love with France, and decided you want to purchase real estate in Paris or Provence. Now – with the strong dollar, super-low mortgage rates and Paris’ well-established record as a sound real estate investment – is the time to follow through and own a piece of France.

Buying an Apartment in Paris

Who wouldn’t like to own an apartment in Paris, whether it is a Left Bank pied- à-terre or a luxury apartment in the famed Golden Triangle of the Eighth Arrondissement?

But how does one approach the Paris real estate market? How to find an affordable apartment in Paris? Are there pitfalls in buying an apartment in Paris? Can you buy and rent a Paris apartment? What about taxes, inheritance laws, capital gains when you sell? Where to find the best selection of apartments for sale in Paris? What about buying real estate in Paris or in France from private owners?

Our Paris search teams draws on listings from partner agencies and private owners. With our extensive knowledge and resources in French real estate we can guide you through the process of searching for and acquiring an apartment in Paris. If you have an unusual situation and we don’t know the answer, we can point you to someone who does.


If you are just beginning your search for a property to buy in France, please use the inquiry form to tell us your preferences. We will contact you to discuss your search project.

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